Our kite start area is on the right hand side of the surfcenter. The wind is side of and therefore the wind can also be gusty. This area is about 50 metre wide. The wind blows cross-offshore and therefore the water in front of the centre is perfectly flat! This is the reason why advanced kiters enjoy this unique spot. Unfortunately, kiting in front of the centre is only allowed for our clients. Last but not least, we offer daily safaries to a nearby spot, which is ideal for teaching kiteboarding because the water is shallow and the beach is huge.


In the north east of the Agean Sea,there the Meltemi blows nearly every day (in the summer months). The wind comes from the Black Sea and is accelerated by a thermal effect and the mountains around Sigri. Sigri is directly situated in the wind zone and both winds (North and South) blow through the village – this is why Sigri has such a good wind statistic and is a great spot the whole year round!


Our spot works well in every wind direction. The main direction is North in summer and South in winter. The statistics on the right is from "Findfinder", it shows how many days we have wind here in Sigri. The wind strength is not the same like we have in the bay, because the wind comes through the two islands and gets stronger on the open sea.(the messure boy is outside of the bay)The best forecasts for Sigri are:

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